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Information for Contributors

VetScan is a peer-reviewed journal publishing research and review in veterinary sciences from the Indian sub-continent and neighbouring regions.

All the articles are published in full, after being thoroughly reviewed by an Editorial Board for authenticity, originality and relevance.

The journal is being indexed in the CAB Abstracts, EBSCOhost and AGRICOLA databases. 

The journal is always open to feedback, suggestions for improvement and criticism. In short we love to hear from our readers. Write to us. Write about anything that interests you or you feel will interest our readers and we will listen to you.


Steps for manuscript submission 

To submit your article/paper for inclusion in the future issues of VetScan kindly use the Manuscript Management System. CLICK HERE to login or register.



The time that an article may take from submission to acceptance or otherwise is highly variable depending on a number of factors. If at any time during the process of review you wish to withdraw your submission, you may do so by emailing on info@vetscan.co.in indicating the same along with a signed copy (signed by all authors) stating the request for withdrawal. Your submission confirms that you have read and accepted all the terms and conditions governing manuscript submission.

Vetscan reserves the right to reject any manuscript at any stage of review without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Kindly read full guidelines for paper submission before you proceed. Failure to comply with guidelines will lead to delays and impediments in article processing. Please note that Vetscan will not ordinarily point out the deficiencies in submission, it is the authors responsibility to ensure that his/her submission follows all the terms, conditions and guidelines provided on this website.


Most of the articles need to be accompanied by a DECLARATION FORM. Please scan the filled and signed declaration form and email to info@vetscan.co.in

(please super scribe the acknowledgement/submission number you receive for your manuscript on the top of the envelope)

All articles are published in full and there are no charges for accessing the online journal, or for saving the articles for your personal use. However reproduction of the material and/or its distribution in any manner and vide any media is permitted only when the original source and the reference to Vet Scan is cited.

For more information send your e-mails to info@vetscan.co.in




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