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Vetscan Volume 4 No 2 | Pashmina Goats Grazing in Ladakh  

peripartum diseases buffalo

Peripartum Reproductive Disorders in Buffaloes - An overview

H. M. Khan, M. Bhakat, T. K. Mohanty, A. K. Gupta, V. S. Raina and M. S. Mir

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nutrition parasite

Exploiting Nutrition-Parasite Interaction for Sustainable Control of Gastrointestinal Nematodosis in Sheep

D. Sumbria and P. K. Sanyal

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dental abscess osteomyelitis

Studies on Management of Dental Root Abscess and Related Osteomyelitis in Domestic Animals

A. S. Bigham, S. N. Dehghani, Z. Shafiei and
H. Khosropanah

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Disposition of Ceftriaxone in Goats (Capra hircus)

S. Tiwari, Swati, S. K. Bhavsar, U. D. Patel and
A. M. Thaker

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Bauhinia reticulata

Susceptibilities of Aerobic Bacteria Associated with Bovine Mastitis to Leaf Extracts of Bauhinia reticulata

Tata Elvis Fon, Agba I. Mathias,
Chukwedo A. Anthony, L. Mgbojikwe and
Wirkom K. Venasius

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ultrasound bovine genetalia

Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of the Bovine Genital Tract Disorders

Vijay Kumar and G. N. Purohit

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newzealand white grey giant broiler rabbit

A Study on Performance of New Zealand White and Gray Giant Broiler Rabbits

K. C. Dhara, N. Ray, G. Halder and A. K. Samanta

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osteofluorosis in goats

Experimental Osteo-fluorosis in Goats of Jammu and Kashmir

Vinay Kant, P. K. Verma, N. K. Pankaj and R. Raina

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toxocara vitulorum 

Toxocarosis in Buffalo Calves : A Report of Two Cases

S. K. Maiti, A. K. Santra and B. D. Sahu

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tympany hydrometra cow

Persistent Tympany Associated with Hydrometra in a Cow

Khurshid A. Shah

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